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Because of supporters like you, the Pamlico Writers Conference was a huge success. If you have ideas or comment on things you would like to see, please contact the Pamlico Writers Group at: or

 Excerpt from: Washington Daily News

 By: Vail Stewart Rumley

Published and unpublished writers alike flocked to Washington this weekend for the Pamlico Writers Conference at the Turnage Theater. 

Organized by the Pamlico Writers Group, the writers conference gives writers the opportunity to hear from published authors, learn more about their craft and how to get published... Read more

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High School Scholarship Fund

This fund provides our annual High School Writers Competition Cash Scholarship Awards.

Scholarship Fund Donations

Collected: $966.00
Goal: $1,000.00
Scholarship Funds are used for Cash Scholarships for the winners of the annual High School Literary Competition.

The Pamlico Writers Group would like to say thank you to all who gave to the High School Scholarship fund. You are part of a group who are helping shape the future.

2017 Competition Winners

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Winners of the 2017 Pamlico Writers Literary Competition include: (left to right) Eileen Lettic, (first place, nonfiction), Richard Knowles (second place, nonfiction), Linda Bledsoe (honorable mention, nonfiction), Travis Green (second place, fiction) and Pamela Desloges (honorable mention, fiction).

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