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Many books allow us to escape the cares of this world, and enter places we have never been. Today, we are featuring some of those authors and their works. Please join us as we take a trip and explore new adventures with their books.

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Marty Silverthorne

Marty Silverthorne earned degrees from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and East Carolina University.  He received the Bunn-McClelland Chapbook Award in 1985, Sam Ragan Award of Extraordinary Contributions to the Fine Arts of North Carolina in 1993, the Persephone Press Award in 1997, and won the NCPS Poet Laureate award in 2015.  He has received numerous regional arts grants from NC Arts and NC Arts Fellowship.  He has authored six chapbooks: Holy Ghosts of Whiskey, Ten Poems by Marty Silverthorne, Rewinding at 40, No Welfare No Pension Plan, Pot Liquor Promises, and Dry Skin Massiah.  His poems have also been published in NCLR, Tar River Poetry, Pembroke Magazine, and many anthologies.

"Marty Silverthorne shows us how memory and the past concretely inform each other: all that happens - the handed-down stories, the unimprisoned present - live as witnesses for the stalwarts, the listeners and the readers who stand for generations to find out and to hear what Marty Silverthorne sees and hears.  Holy Ghosts of Whiskey works like that.  The Pleasure of his words warm like good whiskey."

-Shelby Stephenson, North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame inductee & North Carolina Poet Laureate (2015-2017)

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Upcoming Featured Authors

Answer The Call

The author Ernest Hemingway is credited with what’s known as flash fiction, a challenge to write a story in a set amount of words. Now the Pamlico Writers Group is extending the invitation to the public. Read more here.

Story by Vail Stewart Rumley Washington Daily News

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High School Scholarship Fund

This fund provides our annual High School Writers Competition Cash Scholarship Awards.

Scholarship Fund Donations

Collected: $1,020.00
Goal: $1,000.00
Scholarship Funds are used for Cash Scholarships for the winners of the annual High School Literary Competition.

The Pamlico Writers Group would like to say thank you to all who gave to the High School Scholarship fund. You are part of a group who are helping shape the future.

Do you ever search for the right word? Does it sometimes elude you? It does me. I struggle with vocabulary, wanting just the right word to convey a font of information.

Each month I’d like to challenge you to add to my vocabulary list as I search for just the right word.

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Writers' Workshop

June 3, 2017

Pamlico Writers' Group is pleased to announce a writer's workshop, "Soup to Nuts; Self-Publishing," on June 3rd, at The Brown Library, Washington, NC, from 10AM to 2:45PM, with Diane Taylor, CEO, Taylor Made Publishing, Inc. Advanced registration for this event will be $15 members/$20 non-members. At the door registration will be $20 members/$25 non-members.

As writers keeping up to date with the numerous changes in the publishing industry is really important. Especially if you're interested in having anyone read your work.

Have you considered self-publishing? If so, are you familiar with any of the self-publishing programs? And how do you choose the one that fits your needs? How much of the work are you willing to do yourself? Were you planning to create your own book covers? And yes, I hear a few of you out there throwing up your road blocks and saying, " But I'm not ready to publish yet, but I would like to learn more about it. Can I come too?" Of course you can. Our journey as writers evolves over time as we learn more about our craft. "Soup to Nuts; Self-Publishing" workshop offers attendees an opportunity to ask questions and interact with a dynamic and knowledgeable publishing professional. 

Let me give you a peek at some of the subjects that will be covered:

·         Manuscript preparations

·         Manuscript to print

·         Hiring an Agency

·         Industry Trends (such as Hybrid Publishing)

·         Use of Metadata

·         Amazon

·         And more...

You won't want to miss this workshop, be sure and mark your calendars for June 3rd, 10am to 2:45pm at The Brown Library, Washington, N.C. See you on June 3rd. Click Here to register.

Diane Taylor has a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Morgan State University and a master's degree in technical and professional communication from East Carolina University. She authored "A Game of Faith - The Story of Negro League Baseball Player Carl Long." Self-Publishing this book was the beginning of her business venture as founder and CEO of Taylor Made Publishing, Inc.

Taylor Made Publishing is a full service book publishing company with its own imprint and a self-publishing arm. TMP specializes in helping everyday people tell extraordinary stories. TMP has assisted several celebrity clients move from manuscript to print and looks forward to having frank dialogue with new and soon to be authors.

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