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Many books allow us to escape the cares of this world, and enter places we have never been. Today, we are featuring some of those authors and their works. Please join us as we take a trip and explore new adventures with their books.

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Angela Beach Silverthorne

  Angela Beach Silverthorne is the co-author of the award-winning novel, Depression Cookies, and author of a poetry book, Promises Seeded Inside. Her short stories and poetry have been featured in numerous magazines and websites. She is currently writing Cries of Mercy.

  Angela and her husband of 47 years, Dallas, live in Virginia Beach, Virginia with their Boston terrier, Miss Lillie. They are the parents of three daughters and have nine grandchildren who often beg her to tell them “one more story.” She has a special place in her heart for women who are victims of abuse, brokenness, insecurity, and self-doubt.

  Bren’s grandmother said to guard your heart and forgive.

How far does God’s grace truly reach?

  The Haven has enjoyed five years of peace after a brutal demonic assault. The land has flourished. People have moved on, reaping a treasure house of blessings and getting comfortable and complacent.

  Bren has been away for five years. Now she heads home with a Master’s degree in nursing, hoping to follow her grandmother’s passion as a midwife. Going home holds deep-rooted issues. She must face the death of her grandmother, her father’s involvement in demonic activity, and bitter disappointments.

  Going home also means seeing Joseph. Through brief visits, phone calls, and letters, Bren has fallen in love with Joseph. She is indebted to him for helping restore The Haven to its former glory, but she wants more. She wants her love reciprocated to the fullest.

  Going home might mean more hurt, more brokenness, but it also might mean love and passion, sharing a future with the man of her dreams.


Cries of Grace weaves a beautiful tale of romance, redemption, faith, and trust, but in the background things are shifting—mistrust, deceit, and corruption begin to slip in and insidiously corrode hope.

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Answer The Call

The author Ernest Hemingway is credited with what’s known as flash fiction, a challenge to write a story in a set amount of words. Now the Pamlico Writers Group is extending the invitation to the public. Read more here.

Story by Vail Stewart Rumley Washington Daily News

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